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7-stage Parenting

“I have, over the years, developed the highest level of respect for the insights Jon Freeman has demonstrated regarding Spiral Dynamics and its myriad of applications.  In fact he has been able to go deeper and broader than anyone else …..  ”  Dr. Don Beck

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The 7 Stages of Parenting is a ground-breaking mini-book, containing in its 32 pages some simple, deep and priceless new information with the potential to transform your understanding of how to raise your child.

As children grow, their needs change. How they change, and what this means for parents is not widely understood and rarely explained. This short book changes that.

Reading this book you will discover that you are not just one kind of parent and that there are seven different roles that you are called upon to fill during the long and exciting journey towards adulthood. You may even see your own childhood in a fresh light.