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SpiralWorld publishes material related to the work of Jon  Freeman and Juliana Freeman .    On this site you will find our current products, starting with the books “Reinventing Capitalism” and “The Science of Possibility and the 7 stages of parenting booklet.  A  small e-book download describing The Science of Homeopathy is also available.

The Science of Possiblity reframes science for the 21st Century.  It presents a fundamental shift from the “Only Matter Matters” perspective of the past 200 years into an integrated view of biology, physics, alternative medicine and spiritual experience and provides a thorough platform for the science of Conscious Evolution and the “2nd tier” of human development.  

Reinventing Capitalism is a radical but non-technical re-presentation of our personal relationship with money and our collective financial systems at organisational, societal and global levels.  We have allowed money to become our master and this book offers a blueprint for making it meet our needs.   

7 Stages of Parenting is rooted in a very simple understanding of the way that children develop.  The stages are easily recognised and the book offers simple guidelines to the different approaches that are demanded at each stage.   Few of us are taught how to parent.  This booklet is packed with tips that will make your parenting experience easier and more pleasurable.  

For access to other aspects of our work, please check out the links page.  We look forward to our contact with you and thank you for visiting.


Changing how we are with money


We all know that something has gone badly wrong with our money systems.

We have even less idea how to work with money for a happy and sustainable future.

What will it take for us to evolve our relationship with finance and to create systems which support people, businesses, society and the planet?

Future Money
Open your mind.  Expand your possibilities.