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5* Reviews on Amazon

A truly unique exposition 14 Nov 2013

By Pam

The Science of Possibility is a profoundly thought-provoking book. It offers a paradigm which is far from the mainstream view; but is powerfully argued and convincingly supported by physics, biology and mystical philosophy. Jon has explored some deep analysis of these subjects, but presents his views with great clarity. He writes compellingly, and with the pace of a detective novel. I will reread it several times, I know, and get more from it each time. Bravo!

Good investment of time and money 13 Nov 2013

By Michael Niblack 

A thought provoking read about Possibility and a convincing use of accessible Science to support the discussion. A number of things I already knew, but not from Jon and Juliana's encompassing point of view. Relationships and entanglements, dogmatically denied in current paradigms, are effectively challenged and convincingly made possible. It will now be very difficult for me to see, read or hear something previously "beyond the pail" and just blow it off as "airy fairy" or "Woo Woo" way out there. What are the possibilities out there beyond the values and beliefs of my socialization process? This book has helped me imagine what that might be like. The value of this book far exceeds the price and was a great investment in my future and the future of my sphere of influence.

Dr. Don Beck (Co-author “Spiral Dynamics” and “The Crucible”) on “Science of Possibility”

If you have not read Jon Freeman's new book I strongly suggest you do so. You will be aware of his deep and coherent insights, range of dealing with today's complex worlds, and unique ability to identify many of the dots that most of us miss.

Jon thinks and acts from  a wider arc than most of us.  The Science of Possibility provides clear understanding of how various concept models, including Spiral Dynamics, express emerging "patterns of consciousness" in our never ending quest. He will open your eyes to expanding notions of reality.

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Richard Barrett (author of “Building the Values-Driven Organisation” and “Evolutionary Coaching”) on “Science of Possibility”

"As brave and as comprehensive an attempt as I have yet seen to put science into spirituality and spirituality into science.

Like Freeman, I believe that at some point in the future we will all realise that these two "polarities" intersect in consciousness."