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5* Review originally published on Lulu.com

“It takes brave authors to get out ahead of the mainstream and write about an emergent worldview while the majority of people remain devoutly attached to the old. It takes skillful authors to present their case in a way that builds a bridge from the old paradigms rather than just knocking them down. Jon and Juliana Freeman do both. They are knowledgeable and respectful when writing about both science and religion—the two primary worldviews extant in the West. Yet they do not hesitate to illustrate where science has morphed into scientism or where religious values have restricted growth and stifled creativity.

What the authors put forward is not so much a theory as a story. It is a story that sparks questions about the status quo thinking in biology, chemistry, genetics, physics, psychology, cosmology, and sociology. They pull together essential strands from all these disciplines, juxtapose them, and then astutely point out where they support and/or contradict each other. They are not afraid to say, “That doesn’t make sense” from a rational point of view or “that doesn’t feel right” when human experience is ignored or distorted to support an “objective truth”.

The Science of Possibility presents alternatives to the standard answers to the perennial questions about the nature of reality and humanity’s role in it. It dares to put consciousness front and center as the information field that makes the Universe a process rather than a thing. At the end, the authors help us imagine totally new possibilities in economics and finance, globalization, ecology, education, healthcare, and even relationships. If this book is a story, it lets us, the readers, write our own endings—and the endings are countless. The choice is ours. This book taught me a lot. More important, it motivates me to go out and do something—to harness possibility in the co-creation of a better world.”

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Taking us beyond the current Reductionist Paradigm 21 Feb 2014

By S. Dawlabani

In this book, Jon Freeman explores the universe that lies beyond the current scientific paradigm which has been housed in elitists, almost exclusionary silos. The Science of Possibility re-introduces us to the simplicity that is the totality of humanity beyond the complexity that seeks to selectively quantify our every moment of existence. Not that quantification and the traditional scientific methods are wrong, but as Jon points out so movingly in his book, we abandon entire scientific paradigms once new data appears and becomes irrefutable. Suddenly what we thought of as complete science becomes a revisionist pursuit that's quite arbitrary in nature. Unlike what most scientific books tell us, the universe is full with uncertainty and chaos, and Jon exposes the reader to so many colorful examples from diverse fields of studies that define the totality of who we are.

In the book, Jon does a convincing job in bridging the gaps between physics and metaphysics, philosophy and science, chaos theory and fractals and the biological systems of the brain. He reminds us of what we have already known, that the universal macrocosm is within us and that if we tap into that infinite reservoir of "knowing" we can alter the course of humanity in many positive ways

Deep wisdom, translated into intuitive understanding 27 Oct 2013

By Phillip E. Nelson 

Amazon Verified Purchase

I'm a futurist, stretching to see over the horizon. This book helped me understand the dynamics that are creating our future, and how to participate in creating our coming global cultural and economic evolution. Many powerful understandings. I especially liked the last two chapters where he pulls it all together and adds his vision of possibilities.