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Sold in Secure PDF format

Purchase Reinventing Capitalism Download  HERE    Price £7.50

To purchase Reinventing Capitalism  Paperback   

Price £12.95   (220 Pages)  Coming soon)

E-book.  32 Pages of concise and useful information for £3.95

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Much of that further information is contained in detail in “The Science of Possibility” .

This mini-book is offered for just $1 and contains 15 A4 pages explaining the scientific development of the homeopathic method.  It provides the evidence that shows how it is effective, and describes why it works.  It deals very directly with the criticism that it is merely a placebo, and indicates more about the body that is yet to be explained by conventional science.  

To Purchase “The Science of Homeopathy” Download for $1


Sold in Secure PDF format     

Purchase Science of Possibility  ebook Download    Price £8.00

To purchase “The Science of Possibility” Paperback   Price £18.94  (390 Pages)   

Kindle £7.71    $12.25

Purchase printed copy   Price £4.95

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