The Science of Possibility

The Science of Possibility

What if much of what you have been told about the world is misleading or false?
What if you could find a more complete and satisfying explanation?
What if that explanation could be empowering to each of us and to all of us together?

The Science of Posibility

Making one world from two worldviews

“The Science of Possibility” completes a 30-year quest to produce a satisfactory scientific description of the world I live in, one which is both scientific and spiritual.  

It brings together the best of accepted scientific knowledge with the full range and depth of leading-edge scientific data, complementary medicine and well-documented spiritual experience.

It is common to paper over that divide with the statement “everything is energy”.  While true this does not respond to our deeper questions about who and what we are.   

What causes energy to take the forms it does?  What does it mean for who we are and what we can do?

The Science of Posibility
The Science of Posibility

The material in this book covers physics and biology, evolution and cosmology, shamanism, philosophy and the developmental psychology of worldviews.

It reveals a mechanism for an active relationship between our personal consciousness and the consciousness of a whole universe.

The book continues the tradition of Teilhard de Chardin’s “The Phenomenon of Man”, takes forward Gregory Bateson’s search for “The Pattern that Connects” and fleshes out the science of the Akashic field as proposed by Ervin Laszlo.

Accessible to the non-technical reader, it offers an Ecology of Being, a comprehensive and dynamic picture of what it might be to be fully human.
The Science of Posibility
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The Science of Possibility

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The Science of Possibility

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The Science of Possibility

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02 March 2021


Jon Freeman